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Ian Dumais

Academic Technology Scholar, PhD Student in Mathematics

I’m excited to be an Academic Technology Scholar because I am passionate about education and learning new teaching practices. I look forward to completing my training so that I can work with faculty members to improve their use of technology in their teaching.

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More about Ian

I am entering the third year of my PhD program, and I intend to focus my studies in geometry. Before attending Northeastern, I taught high school math for a number of years in rural New Hampshire and Massachusetts. I earned my teaching credentials as a Noyce Scholar, a National Science Foundation funded Master of Arts in Teaching program which I earned at Tufts University. As a Noyce Scholar, I participated in bimonthly seminars to improve my skills at teaching the diverse array of students Рin background, in ability, and in identity Рteachers find in their classrooms. In addition to experimenting with technology as a classroom teacher, I have also been employed as a web content developer for online mathematics textbook supplements. Thus, I have experience formulating multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank style questions for online interaction.

I live in New Hampshire with my wife and in my (limited) free time I enjoy playing board games and video games, playing sports, hiking, and music.